Italian Style Bowl

Italian Style Bowl
Girls ..! Would you date me?

I'm half Italian, half Indian. so im 6 feet tall and good looks moderate. I look at the detail, intelligence and courage to have a taste for art, music, design and style. I am a professionally trained singer and pianist. I love sports, rugby, billiards and bowling 10 ping. I like to talk about other than sex, but can get wild when they participate. I prefer wine to beer and brain power. I a beautiful woman with similar tastes .. now .. ABT and dinner at my house tonight MEL? I can cook;)

I agree that it is not a dating site! ur sound good to be true x 2 2

What’s for Dinner? Italian Style Crock Pot Meatballs

Electric Mandolin Black

Electric Mandolin Black

One of the most popular and beloved guitars ever made is the Gibson guitar. All started way back when a man by the name of Orville Gibson began making mandolins in his small workshop in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Some years later, in 1902, Orville Gibson started the mandolin, guitar Manufacturing Company.

Gibson mandolins sold primarily at 20 years old when the guitar started gaining popularity. During the initial stages of the production came Gibson Guitar with arch top guitar designs and neck truss rod construction.

In 1936, Gibson introduced the ES-150 and ended up creating a sound that never has heard before. The ES-150 (the ES stands for Electric Spanish) presented a magnetic pickups and F-hole design of the upper arch. A guitarist by the name of Charlie Christian loved the sound of this guitar and said that the use regularly. He was so well known for using this model that the guitar is still known as the model Charlie Christian to this day.

In the 40s, Gibson left with a couple of new concepts to influence the way the guitars are being made. They introduced the first three pickup guitar and also introduced more pointed.

The 50 was a great moment for Gibson, but also because that was when a man named Les Paul was involved with the company. Due to the popularity Fender, Gibson decided to start producing solid-body guitars and Les Paul was working in the concept of a solid body of the 1930s. That Les Paul was hired to make a contribution and supports these new types of guitars. In 1952, the first Les Paul was introduced and most famous Gibson guitar was born.

Logo different Les Paul models were created, including the Custom, Standard, Special and Junior. In 1954, top bridge had models Tune-o-matic in them, and in 1957 the famous Gibson humbucker was introduced to programming. Also at 50, the unusual design of the Explorer Gibson Flying V made its debut.

One of the major competitors in Around this time Gibson was Epiphone. He fell on hard times, Epiphone and Gibson just bought a only plan to keep selling its successful line of the feet. Soon after the purchase, however, Gibson found that he could use the name Epiphone to meet demand of the traders who wanted to sell Gibson products. Most versions today Epiphone guitars are cheaper models of Gibson guitars.

In 1961, Gibson changed the design of a design model with double cut Les Paul. Les Paul liked the way the new design looked so Gibson said he would not his name. Gibson then changed its name to the new model double cutaway Gibson SG.

Gibson decided to open a factory in particular for the production Les Paul guitar in 1974. This new home for Gibson was named "Gibson USA" and is in Nashville, Tennessee.

Things were not so bright for the company in the late '80s and Gibson finished in deep financial crisis. In 1986, the company was sold to the trio of David Berryman, Henry Juszkiewicz and Gary Zebrowski. This change in ownership has had a major impact on the company and quickly restored Gibson's reputation and profitability.

The company Gibson's guitar is still as popular as ever today, with professional musicians and fans around the world. The Les Paul is my personal favorite, with its beautiful design and sound attractive. Gibson just came out with the Slash signature model to go with the subscription models for others, like Billy Joe Armstrong (Green Day), Steve Jones (Sex Pistols La Vie) Alex Lifeson (Rush), Johnny Winter and Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin). This is a long line of artists, but it is only a small fraction by renowned guitarists acquiring a Gibson guitar. Some of the other guitarists who are the rock with Gibson Angus Young (AC / DC), Chuck Berry, Peter Frampton, Ace Frehley (Kiss) George Harrison Jimi Hendrix, Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath), BB King, Robby Krieger (The Doors), John Lennon, Bob Marley, Joe Perry (Aerosmith), Keith Richards (Rolling Stones) Pete Townshend (The Who), Zakk Wylde (Ozzy Osbourne), Frank Zappa and many many more!

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Mann SEM-5 Standard Electric Mandolin, Black Cherry

Gig Bag Case

Gig Bag Case
This is a good guitar for a beginner?

I've never played a guitar before, but this year I'm going to guitar lessons. I just bought a guitar. But not the only one you will use in school, just use for practice at home, because if not just practice once every 1.5 weeks, so I decided to buy a cheap one just for practice. Is it a good guitar? Like I do not care if it is not the best sound, if I like it I'll buy a better one when I play a little better, this is just for a year or so. This is the same, the same color, same seller, I bought one an hour ago.> = Http: / / Hash item4148c1f75c and _trksid = P3911.c0.m14

This will be a piece of shit. Is likely to be reproduced. You should have gone to the music store and got a Fender beginners and $ 100 and would have been much better.

Mono M80 Acoustic Guitar Gig Bag Review

1964 Fender Mandolin 00567 This 10-inch-wide electric mandolin weighs just 3.40 lbs. and has a nut width of 1 1/8 inches and a scale length of 13 3/4 inches. Solid alder body, one-piece deep “V”-shape maple neck, and veneer rosewood fretboard with 24 frets and clay dot position markers. Single “butterfly” string tree on 1st and 2nd strings. Headstock decal with Fender “spaghetti” logo in gold with black trim. “Original Contour Body Pat. Pend.” decal on the ball end of the headstock. Closed-back “single-line” Kluson Deluxe strip tuners with white plastic oval buttons. Four-bolt neck plate with serial number (“02714”) between the top two screws. One oblong single-coil pickup with transparent reddish-brown plastic cover and four concealed polepieces with an output of 4.98k. Celluloid tortoiseshell over three-layer (white/black/white) plastic pickguard with nine screws. Two controls (one volume, one tone) and jack socket, all on lower treble side of the pickguard. Telecaster-type chrome knobs with flat tops and knurled sides. Combined “micro-adjustable” (threaded) two-saddle bridge/tailpiece. With the original chrome bridge cover. The neck is stamped “JUL 64” and the pots are stamped “304 6422” (Stackpole June 1964). This instrument is in near mint (9.25) and totally original condition, with just a few barely noticeable surface marks on the body. Housed in the original Fender cream Tolex hardshell case with black leather ends and orange plush lining (9.00). Together with the

Mandolin Style Mando

Mandolin Style Mando
how to replace a broken string mandolin?

I bought my first mandolin, a few months ago and have been using the strings that come with it. Now I broke the chains of E. When I buy new strings I need to replace only the sequence of failures, and much or all chains of command? I do not know how important is to have all the same chords. Also, any tips for choosing strings? I have a relatively low cost ($ 900) f-style mandolin, and I play an eclectic mix of music, from blues to bluegrass to jazz. As a violinist a few decades I've found the perfect chain for every situation (even a different mix chain often produces good results), but for the mandoline I'm not really sure where to start. You probably do not need anything very elegant, mandolin is just a hobby for some fun on the side. It seems they are cheap too, $ 5.10 for a set.

All strings are tuned the same. If you broke and then replace a single string. Finally, the other and will break and limited to substitute or replace them both. I think they come in pairs. you decide. Even if you blend strings, as I said, each string is tuned to its double.

robboland mandolin jam funky mando unplugged solo improv folk blues jazz prog style

Acoustic Mandolin Blue

Acoustic Mandolin Blue
Blues challenge, all the buyers?

A colleague and I were discussing the "Foghat Slow Ride" as a long and strong song Delta Blues. Thus, using only acoustic guitar (slide allowed) and mandolin, anyone can give "Slow Ride" and an acid bath to Delta reversing its origins?

Oh yeah man! Lol, but not have the time or recording equipment;) lol, it would be good as a blues stomp music.

Trevor Alguire – Thirty Year Run – Live Acoustic Performance with Gilles Leclerc on mandolin

Case Hardshell Hard

Case Hardshell Hard

Learn to Play Guitar – Step 2 – Extras

In almost any guitar or music store will find a variety of desserts at or near the cash register who are to entice you to add to your total purchase. However, as the candy near the checkout at a grocery store, some are really must have items. Rich should include a selection (or two), a tuner to help keep your instrument sound better, a case for protection during transport and if you buy an electric guitar, a leadership role.

The options are cheap and a couple of bucks you can get a handful, try as you can not be sure a guy who fits your schedule.

Probably the easiest to use adjustment counselor would be a battery powered electronic tuner hears his chains a microphone and displays a visual indication, with a meter and / or LED LCD screen, adjusting the strings correctly. Other options to help adjust your guitar is a tuning fork, made from reeds six harmonic style and tone, which is used to refer to a single string and then all the others are tuned to that.

Last would be the case. It may be tempting to leave the store with his new guitar in its cardboard box, but it becomes a practical means to carry your guitar safely. There are really only two types of processes available to choose from, soft and hard. The soft padded bag is perfect for daily protection against scratches, bumps and time. The rigid case offers more protection but comes with a higher price.

So as you can see all the other "Stuff" that is recommended is really just the elements that will raise your final project, keep the haves and should not get lured into buying a large amount of "extras"

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