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A Bowl of Bula with Mark O’Connor on the Mandolin

Here is Mark O’Connor doing one of his best pieces on the mandpolin.

One of Mark O’Connor’s mandolin signature pieces! “A Bowl of Bula” Mark O’Connor’s mandolin playing in this video from 1991 features the deft dexterity of both hands and powerfully loud strumming. O’Connor wrote this mandolin piece in 1984 while in Figi. To hear a group version of this song, link here to a 1987 video. www.youtube.com O’Connor became the World Mandolin Champion in Kerrville, TX as a teenager in 1982. Mark plays violin exclusively as of 1997, giving way to a bursitis and tendonitis condition in his right arm that would not allow him to play the mandolin or guitar any further at his top form. But the condition allows Mark’s violin bow arm technique to operate free from injury, with no hindrance. www.markoconnor.com http twitter.com www.facebook.com

Mandolin Solo in D

Frank Wakefield plays a solo in D on his mandolin.

Frank Wakefield playing one of his many original classical style mandolin solos at the Monroe-Style Mandolin Camp Faculty Concert on September 8, 2007. This concert was part of the Monroe-Style Mandolin Camp held at the International Bluegrass Music Museum in Owensboro, Kentucky September 7- 9, 2007. Introducing Frank is Mike Lawing, the assistant director of the Museum.

Sierra Hull – Secrets Songs & Tunes mandolin DVD

Trailer for AcuTab’s Sierra Hull mandolin DVD – Secrets Songs & Tunes. www.acutab.com Sierra Hull started her first year of college in 2009, and is already one of the most celebrated mandolinists in and around bluegrass music. While still in high school she released her debut CD, Secrets, on Rounder Records. On this 2 DVD set Sierra teaches the mandolin solos she plays on Secrets, plus a number of instrumentals she recorded as a pre teen. To get things started, AcuTabs John Lawless leads Sierra through a discussion about how she came to be a stunning virtuoso at such a young age, including her early influences and inspirations. The bulk of the video, however, is all music with 10 complete songs and tunes demonstrated, taken from her critically-acclaimed debut album Secrets, from Rounder Records (CDROUN0601). Sierra teaches these songs carefully and in great detail. She and John discuss each solo before it is demonstrated by an all-star band, and then she breaks it down slowly, piece-by-piece. Even though a few of the solos are fairly difficult, the way she teaches puts them within the reach of most pickers. She goes slowly, breaking each peice into easily-digestible bits, stringing them all together in a format accessible to beginning and intermediate students. Songs taught include: Smashville Thats All I Can Say Hullarious From Now On Secrets Sierras Waltz Ice On The Road Everybodys Somebodys Fool Abscence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder A printed booklet with tab and

Bluegrass Mandolin

bluegrass mandolin
bluegrass folk songs?

I have really bluegrass. Im 14. I went to a store mandolins, guitars, banjos, today and had a lot of people in his basement playing some songs. A big bass, a violin, two banjo, acoustic and 4. I really liked. Anyone can go there every Saturday tomorrow and next week, I bring my acoustic and play with them. The problem is that they know nothing about bluegrass music. So, can anyone name me a couple a group of veterans who know they are a little easier on the guitar? Thanks bunches!

Veterans know everything. Try some like Bill Monroe Kentucky Waltz “and” Blue Moon of Kentucky. “Fishing in the Dark” is a good song, but it is not bluegrass.

Bluegrass Mandolin Solo starters

Play Bluegrass

play bluegrass
Technically, what kind of music is more difficult to play on a guitar, Country, Rock, Bluegrass,?

Bluegrass musicians at Guitars general use and Country / Rock tends to use both electric / acoustic guitars, depending on the song and artist.

As a whole, and I hate to generalize, but I’d say the country is easy, but with the best artists in the industry. Bluegrass is generally more technical, but has a smaller range. rock guitar can be easier or more difficult, because the range of expression is different – the country could make the same range Rock, but usually not – prefer to let the steel pedal do the work, sometimes lead. So I think that each style is more difficult in a way, but bluegrass is probably the hardest hit from the beginning.

How to play Acoustic Bluegrass guitar easy beginner lesson