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New electric mandolin — “Maid Behind the Bar”

Take a listen to this electric mandolin – you can hear the difference between the electric model and a regular acoustic model.

This is a video that’s a two-for. On the one hand, this is a new electric mandolin (an Epiphone Mandobird IV) given to me by my late uncle, Robert Thacker, who played a huge role in my taking up music. On the other hand, it’s a tune that’s been recorded many times before but was requested on mandolin by the user Guitar1201. Hope you don’t mind that’s it’s on an electric, buddy.

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Style Acoustic Electric

Style Acoustic Electric
The electronic tuner (brand and style) that they recommend for an electric / acoustic guitar?

With a cheap microphone and fourth takes the guitar .. I prefer an analog meter, not digital. Any brand. (Ovation Korg …..) all do the same.

Alvarez RF20SC Folk Style Acoustic Guitar Demo

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