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How to Play La Cucaracha on Mandolin

One on the most quinessential mexican mandolin tunes.

I’m still having fun playing my mandolin and as mentioned in the video, I was just playing around and accidentally came across this song. There may be other versions out there, so keep in mind that this is my version of La Cucaracha. As usual I’ll update my blog – binarygraphite.blogspot.com – with some info on this song. Also, please subscribe and check me out on Facebook (become a Fan!).

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What’s a fast way to learn how to play the mandolin/guitar?

One of our reader’s want’s to get on the fast track with playing the mandolin.

I bought a mandolin, and I can’t figure out how to play it. I bought books, but they didn’t help much, and I have a guitar, it’s easier to play but what are some good songs and book that I could get to learn to play better?
I already know how to read tablature,

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