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Mandolin Hacked for Uke players! So EASY! Tune GCEA and Mandolin = Ukulele!

Here is how to bridge your skills from the ukelele to the mandolin.

Cut to 1:48 to hear Uke vs. Mando-Ukulele! The mandolin is a dual purpose instrument if you tune it to GCEA. Use your Ukulele fingerings, and presto, you get a new way to express your ukulele…

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Mandolin Bridge Adjustment

I used to get sharp notes as I played my mandolin and after getting some comments on my video where I tune my instrument, I decided to adjust the bridge. The result turned out so well that I decided to quickly make a video about it. Please subscribe! Also check out my other sites on the Web: Blogs: binarygraphite.blogspot.com or binarygraphite.tumblr.com Facebook: www.facebook.com Twitter: twitter.com

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