Blue Acoustic Super

Blue Acoustic Super
Song to walk down the aisle to?

We really wanted a guitarist in particular in our area to play at our wedding, but is reserved that day (not really think about a specific topic ~ that guy just wanted to play his original material. Well, since it is reserved, we have to find other guitarists. We found one we like, but no * * idea that we want to play. Any suggestions? We want something that is folklore ~ And a bit optimistic is not fast or anything, but not Traditional super slow or not. Again, this has to be something that sounds good on an acoustic guitar alone. We want to stay away from country music, music classical, R & B. Tend to like blues, folk, bluegrass (the country), 80 alternative …

The music is really a beautiful song Dixie Chicks Lullaby call. I know he wanted to move away from a country song, but it makes more sense blues, and is simply beautiful. Good luck with the wedding

The Who acoustic performance Behind Blue Eyes/ Pinball Wizard (Ex Quality)

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