Coffee Color Wall

Coffee Color Wall
I want to make a themed room, like a coffee?

I am redoing my room and I want the theme is like coffee. I want the color the wall to be a green light or something. I do not know what kind of furniture that go well with green or light .. If you have any idea I'd like to hear them, even participation of a different color! Thank you very much:]

Well, I have tons of coffee (very good meeting places) and the colors you see are the most widely used are a little on the walls of red-orange color and furniture have to be better described as something out of an IKEA catalog. The tables are low and depth of color in mahongony or brown. The chairs (very comfortable) are rounded and usually mild and colorful too. Although this is not a scene of green That's exactly what I've seen in shops I stop for coffee at least. (HINT: Not all cafes with good coffee is one of a class known as Dunkin 'Donuts and Starbucks, try to find places samll who take pride in their work. He always knows best:)

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