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Rain Tree Crow

Rain Tree Crow was a name used by the burgeoning English New Wave band Japan (excluding Rob Dean) when they reformed briefly to this single task, which would be his last album. It was the first time all four members of the band, David Sylvian, Steve Jansen, Mick Karn, Richard Barbieri, collaborated a task, since the compilation of lies 1983 Oil on canvas Album.

Much of the material in its self-titled album was written as a result of Mounting improvisations (with exception of 'Blackwater'). There was no prior testing and the melodies that came was a mixture of ballads environment Method albums in the contemporary atmosphere and dissonant singer David Sylvian proven methods that occasionally echoed the work of Tom Waits and King Crimson. The album was noticed mainly in Miravel Studios, France, between September 1989 and April 1990.

All components of the band wanted to keep the nickname Sylvian that Japan was used last time when the band broke up in December 1982,. However, the expansion of financial leverage Sylvian and production tarefa creative command (emphasis incluindo em sua nome do use or RTC, for large or outro membro e perplexidade aborrecimento) to give emissão notes, onde desenvolveu to um struggled from a band that was one of the crucial tasks Sylvian alone, leaving other components such as low sessioners for the man in front.

Blackwater has been released as the album just cut and did not reach the top 60 magazines in the records of the United Kingdom in March 1991. The album was generally acclaimed by the press and Top 25 tunes come to UK in a parade of the album.

In addition to the notes and explore, Barbieri has written about the parts of an analogue of the synthesis of several publications, tunes for the movies, the synthesizer melodies and manufacturing programs. Often tourists with beaches, a group of lights suddenly. It also undertakes occasional keyboard duties for home travel leader Steve Hogarth Marillion H-fronted the band, appearing in 2002 Live from the album "Body, Spirit Alive. Recent best features include two sessions for Radio One John Peel died and live in the Queen Elizabeth Hall and Brighton Dome.

In 2005 released her first album alone buried things. Although he made many records as part of an ensemble, trio or duo surprisingly this is his first work alone. Characteristics of instrumental albums also feature Andy Gangadeen and acoustic accessories percussion devices, and Percy Jones on fretless bass.
The early years

Sylvian was born the son of a mason and a housewife and when young listen to glam rock and David Bowie creative and Roxy Music.

[Edit] 1970-early 1980: Japan
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The band Japan, whose other components included bassist Mick Karn, guitarist Rob Dean, keyboardist Richard Barbieri and Sylvian's brother, Steve Male Jansen on drums, began as a gathering of friends. As young people who carried out melodies as a means of escape, playing dice Sylvian two strings – sometimes with Karn as the man in front, sometimes with Sylvian at the forefront.

They christened themselves Japan in 1974, reached an agreement with the notes of Hansa, and became a team of alternative glam rock along the lines of David Bowie, T. Rex and New York Dolls. During a period of a couple of years, its songs have become more complicated, especially in the design styles of art rock of Roxy Music. In addition to its visual similarity, the band developed and was tagged with the label of New Romantic. In fact, one could argue that Japan was at the forefront of New Romantic all the action, though the band never affiliated with it. Japan recorded five studio albums between March 1978 and November 1981. In 1980, the group scored with Virgin Records, where he lived as Sylvian individual creative notes for the next 20 years.

The band lasted from individual confrontations and creative, especially between Sylvian and Karn. December 1982 to the voltage jumping Sylvian connection with Yuka Fujii, a person making photos, individual and creative designer, and ex-girlfriend Karn. [2] Fujii quickly became influential in a number of life Sylvian. She was the first person Sylvian to enter serious rock, what inspired you to follow any melodic and not have it. Sylvian also increased to include the religious control and Estimates of all his days of routine. Throughout his solo work, Fujii remained an important role in the design of their covers.

[Edit] 1980-1990: alone

In 1982, Sylvian released his first collaborative effort with Ryuichi Sakamoto, who deserves "Bamboo Houses / Bamboo Music." Also worked with Sakamoto on the consideration of "Forbidden Colors" for Christmas 1983 video Nagisa Oshima Merry, Mr. Lawrence.

Sylvian album solo debut, Brilliant trees (1984), came into contact with critical acclaim. The album included the assistance of Ryuichi Sakamoto, trumpeter Jon Hassell, Holger Czukay and bassist soon as possible.

In 1985, Sylvian has released a mini-album instrumental alchemy: an index of possibilities, in collaboration with Jansen, Hassell and Czukay, it appears that, when re-released in 2003, covered the supplement Sylvian Steel Cathedrals, the soundtrack to the video output of the same name.

The next question was very tight set of records from two went to Earth (1986), which accepts most disrespectful and economic wisdom, wearing a recording of vocal air channels and a second disc that includes the instrumental environment. The album is composed of renowned guitarists documented assistance Bill Nelson of Bebop Deluxe and Robert Fripp of King Crimson.

Secrets of the Beehive (1987) made greater use acoustic devices and was musically directed to honor, emotional ballads laced with string arrangements by Ryuichi Sakamoto and Brian Gascoigne brilliant. The album produced one of his most well-received music Sylvian, "Orpheus" and carried out later for his solo trip in 1988 from "In Praise of Shamans.

Never one according to economic expectations, and collaborated with Sylvian Holger Czukay. Location and foreboding, delivered in 1988 and flux and mutability, he said, issued the following year, still included the possible assistance components of Jaki Liebezeit and Michael Karoli.

Virgin too decisive to close the eighties with Weatherbox issue of a complicated set of collection boxes consists of four previous solo albums Sylvian.

In 1990, he collaborated with individuals Sylvian Mills Walton Ian Russell and creative in building complex using multi-media sc

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