Double Hard Case

Double Hard Case
help with double substitution of the test chemical reactions?

7. when soap is added to hard water, soap scum forms solid. when water is added to baking powder, carbon dioxide bubbles. When lemon juice is added to the domestic use of ammonia solution, water is one of the products. you know how to tell a substitution reaction occurred twice in each case. please help! minimum, but a good explanation please.

When a metathesis reaction occurs at least one of the products will not be in the same phase as the reactants. In this case, all reagents watery, or rapidly form an aqueous solution. However, in the first case, you have a solid product in the second, receiving a gaseous product, and in the past, yields a pure liquid. This shows that you get the replacement of ions, followed by precipitation or decomposition. It is a simple substitution, without However, since you can not clean items back, which means it has to be double exchange.

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