Gig Bag Case

Gig Bag Case
This is a good guitar for a beginner?

I've never played a guitar before, but this year I'm going to guitar lessons. I just bought a guitar. But not the only one you will use in school, just use for practice at home, because if not just practice once every 1.5 weeks, so I decided to buy a cheap one just for practice. Is it a good guitar? Like I do not care if it is not the best sound, if I like it I'll buy a better one when I play a little better, this is just for a year or so. This is the same, the same color, same seller, I bought one an hour ago.> = Http: / / Hash item4148c1f75c and _trksid = P3911.c0.m14

This will be a piece of shit. Is likely to be reproduced. You should have gone to the music store and got a Fender beginners and $ 100 and would have been much better.

Mono M80 Acoustic Guitar Gig Bag Review

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