Hard Case Dvd

Hard Case Dvd
How I can put all my photos (hundreds of photos) on an SD card, CD, portable hard drive, etc?

I have a lot of pictures What is the easiest way to put something on the electronicly. (Pen Drive, CD, DVD, protable hard drive) I would support them, only one cases (such as a fire) or the color disappears.

The easiest way I've found is to use a CD burning software like Nero and create a CD or DVD, depending the size of all images. I select the DVD data (I have lots of pictures), drag the folder of images on the top, and click Save. Simple and effective. Do not use flash drives as it can fail and lose everything. discs actually record the data on disk and provides continuous support more reliable.

Shawn Lane – Hardcase (Musicians Institute, Hollywood, CA. – 5th Feb 1993)

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