Mandolin Ocean Blue

Mandolin Ocean Blue

The festival season in the Caribbean

What better place is there to celebrate the beginning of a new year and the dance of the year blues past the beautiful Caribbean? Considered by many as the complete destination for your holiday enjoyment, the Caribbean has many attractions to attract visitors. White sandy beaches, sea amazing deep blue and the resorts of great fun loving hospitable places of interest are too numerous to mention.

There are a number of activities organized around the outside of the Caribbean during December and January. An example is the Festival of Parang in Trinidad and Tobago, this annual festival celebrates the party with the song. Centered in the eastern city of Trinidad and Paramina Arima-dressed bands will perform traditional folk songs accompanied by music Creole mandolin, cuatro, and the subwoofer.

Of particular interest are the years the customs of the British Virgin Islands, popular destination the mark of the arrival of the ship years with the parties on boats and yachts. Parties are also held in bars and beach party boats stop at several of them to ensure that you have a boat hopping night, lasting into the early hours of the morning!

Most festivals in the Caribbean special marks the arrival of the season as the White Christmas Festival in the Cayman Islands, the Dutch Christian Festival Crucian Caribbean and St. Kitts National Day. To experience Caribbean magic this holiday season Reserve in Canouan Island hotel, This target = "_blank" luxury hotel> in the Caribbean offers the best accommodation and an environment that is heaven on Earth.

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