Mandolin Style Mando

Mandolin Style Mando
how to replace a broken string mandolin?

I bought my first mandolin, a few months ago and have been using the strings that come with it. Now I broke the chains of E. When I buy new strings I need to replace only the sequence of failures, and much or all chains of command? I do not know how important is to have all the same chords. Also, any tips for choosing strings? I have a relatively low cost ($ 900) f-style mandolin, and I play an eclectic mix of music, from blues to bluegrass to jazz. As a violinist a few decades I've found the perfect chain for every situation (even a different mix chain often produces good results), but for the mandoline I'm not really sure where to start. You probably do not need anything very elegant, mandolin is just a hobby for some fun on the side. It seems they are cheap too, $ 5.10 for a set.

All strings are tuned the same. If you broke and then replace a single string. Finally, the other and will break and limited to substitute or replace them both. I think they come in pairs. you decide. Even if you blend strings, as I said, each string is tuned to its double.

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