Ocean Blue Acoustic

Ocean Blue Acoustic

The healing power of dolphins and whales

One late summer afternoon duplication slow on the cover of a small boat, I found myself looking in the eyes of a giant humpback whale that had appeared a few feet away. More and more regularly in the last twenty years around the world, whales and dolphins Phone beings are human beings.

This catapulted me above link into a dramatic embrace integrity and expanded consciousness. Most people retrieve an article more accepted, the pomp and be in the aura of dolphins and whales and being surrounded by smoke from the transformation of these benevolent creatures.

Cetaceans, whales and dolphins, constantly associated with the vibration issue of the Source input. Because these vibrations that emit in abundance and freedom, whales and Dolphins have a profound impact on human beings in their surroundings. The ghost of it, people experience a great increase in energy, alertness and awareness at all levels, not refined, emotional and spiritual.

Awake and aware of the dolphins and whales are intelligent life links, which expresses the qualities to be evaluated harmony, happiness, good vigor, beauty, wisdom, flexible traffic, prayer and accept reciprocity and freedom. Dolphins and whales are in harmony with nature and the universe. They live in the magnitude of the suspension of the opinion love, anger and revenge. His celebration of life is living a call mankind to exploit their collective and individual capacity deepest compassion, the person most authentic expression and the deeper spiritual development.

Expanding Our World Beyond the courage of cooperation, harmony, simplicity and devotion shown by dolphins and whales contacts creature conference to broaden their vision, thoughts and feelings Warning emission and open to the wonderful world of strangers are welcome useful. Timothy Wyllie actions "The passion that I will be with the dolphins, but are difficult to comrades. They explain how to deliver technical hold me to my own fears, as a field light up the board did not enjoy others. '

Dolphin and whale interaction helps people to flee at our age restriction and cultural beliefs and helps us recognize that we are much more competent than we think what we are. His ability to use more of their natural intelligence and potential sensory which reminds us that we can make better use of our own. For this application, humans use only a very small part of the mentality of the function. Dolphins and whales encourage more people to use the brain to stimulate the use of slang and tone your brain cells from their surplus body.

Multidimensional Playmates Playing with these wonderful creatures, people think that belief behind three-dimensional body defer linear time and the universe, a majesty that no contaminated tax time constraints and everything happens at once. Cetaceans certainly play in dimensions compound. Both are experiencing life in the ocean and life in a world of multiple holographic realities even mild vibration of the fourth and fifth dimensions. Swim with the dolphins and whales in their multidimensional universe, people have easy access to childhood memories of qualification, the past lives lighting and breathtaking views from their perspective.

Communicate transmission cetaceans communicate directly in a way that requires a totally different mind the creature that gave the example cognitive mind. cetacean brain are higher and more multiplex than human. The brains of the land are the main whales. In place of the language and phrases, dolphins and whales communicate through touch, through sonar and synchronized passage through metaphors acoustic sounds, sensations and energy of the group. Many of their sounds are passed to our ability to learn, still, however, still touch our bodies and pulsating.

They use a point of eco-technical, acoustic metaphors. The usual sound vibration signals show a mixed picture in three dimensions, which in some habits are more sophisticated the dream of the child. For example, if the dolphin is a break issue under water applications discovery that the match with another dolphin, dolphin re-draw, and fire to the dolphin, the same requirement vibrational patterns returning to the ship sunk. Loneliness experience the same exact three-dimensional image of the first common dolphin experienced precisely the ship. Therefore, the Dolphins communicate through exchange of experience control, largely through a character (word) to challenge to symbolize his experience overseeing human beings.

Vibrations such as whales Dolphins Heart and Art and craft feel the vibrations of the machine, holographic art around, and then play them. Due to their reality, diffuse sound waves substance, dolphins and whales are believed to be able to "see through" physical things with their mode of sonar on a radiograph. Dolphins to ensure that people with their sound and energy to strategically affect the areas of health need. dolphin behavior and communication can help humans to enlarge the new and more effective drugs and life for themselves and the planet. The victory of the dolphins and whales humanity is based on certain frequencies of vibration, that we as a marker of passion. Because people are capable of forming this often in their bodies for cetaceans phone, simply call himself over same vibration, much happiness, as well as individuals and now free clothes, how often. After swimming with dolphins and whales, many people go home with confidence to change your life in a lifestyle that will support and promote the same vibrational sympathy.

Owners of other human beings of the future may learn from the habits of dolphins and whales, and deepen a person's life. As people learn to merge their individual fields of nuclear energy and build frequencies of the voice and the sounds of dolphins and whales, sonar, to learn and master new aspects of consciousness and intensity of human life. As teaching cetaceans, which is receiving and align their fair, a growing ball of energy with the deep rhythms of Universal Life allow humans to navigate in the new domain awareness, welfare and cooperation among themselves and with all forms of life.

When people enter the water and swim with the dolphins and whales, they are never the same. They can not return to their old way of living. People consider that they intend to have more. Can life lived for even the most genuinely fawning, passion and joy.

Living modestly does not mean living without it. It means living with a vibrational frequency that attracts everything is vibrating in the same frequency. Is the meaning of the whales and dolphins and all the great spiritual teachers. And really works!

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