Play Mandolin

play mandolin
is instrumental mandolin and guitar about the same?

which means that I am, if I can play the guitar that I play the mandolin (I know sounds and different things …) but how are the strings, which says the same thing? thanks

You can easily make the transition to acoustic guitar mandolin, but the chords are the same. mandolin has only four strings (in fact, 8 strings, but that is because the chains fold) while the guitar has six. It also a mandolin tuned (low to high) as GDAE (like the violin), while the guitar is tuned EADGBE This mandolin is tuned in fifth, while the guitar is tuned in fourths. fifths tuning is one of the adjustment programs “and is much easier to play racing notes individual rooms. The only drawback is that it provides to the six-string string well. So, good tuning for mandolin (with only four strings), but without a guitar. It may take a little getting used to, but the strumming / picking guitar techniques will be useful to play the mandolin.

How to Play the Mandolin : How to Play the Two String Shuffle on the Mandolin

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